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Bespoke consulting and investment services for public and private sector organisations.

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About Inspire Capital

Inspire Capital solely focuses on your organisation. We work closely with management teams providing operational support and strategic guidance to build market leading companies.

Specialist Consultancy Services

  • At Inspire Capital our focus is simple – to accelerate the full potential of today’s leaders, fast tracking their positive impact on their businesses through bespoke executive coaching, mentoring and leadership development programs.

  • Our managing partner leads on expert mentoring, nurturing, directing and managing senior executives and chief executives to become better leaders.

Specialist Sectors

We recognise businesses across varying sectors need to deliver greater value, higher quality of care at a lower cost. Inspire Capital has a range of associates, offering expert guidance, support and consultancy to help you to enhance the effectiveness of your work.

Sectors we can assist with include:


Our Services

Over the last 20 years we have been involved in multiple sales and acquisitions and have sound knowledge and experience of what is required to successfully exit/sell a business inverting sectors.

A smarter way to develop your business

Inspire Capital helps businesses learn and grow and, in turn, helping to achieve their full potential.

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Children, Young Adults Supported

We have supported children, young people and adults across clinical, residential care, education, fostering and clinical services, offering individuals the best possible care and outcomes in their recovery journey.


Year’s Combined Experience

The key to our success in business is all about our people. Our passionate team has over 160 years collective investment and operational experience, enabling us to change business for the good.


Solving the industries biggest problems

Inspire Capital can help you think differently about your business leading to further growth and broadening your horizons.

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