Services Provided


Throughout the past 20 years, we have built up successful infrastructures in areas of finance, human resources, training, workforce development, tenders and contracts, property development and sales and marketing.

We believe professional, external mentoring is a valuable complement to internal company development programmes.

At Inspire Capital our focus is simple –

to accelerate the full potential of today’s leaders, fast tracking their positive impact on their businesses through bespoke executive coaching, mentoring and leadership development programs.

Our managing partner leads on expert mentoring, nurturing, directing and managing senior executives and chief executives to become better leaders.

We have a range of associates and consultants specialising in this area of expertise, offering expert guidance and consultancy to help you enhance the effectiveness of your work. We work closely with your management teams and practitioners in the key areas of:

  • Improving performance and practice
  • Board creation and governance across different industries
  • Strategic development
  • Management turnaround
  • Operational due diligence
  • Investment and non-executive director support
  • Risk mitigation strategy
  • Procurement advice and expertise
  • Management development and support
  • Training and workforce development